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Man Uses Spirit Box At Haunted Bridge and Creepy Discovery Is Recorded

An eerie discovery has people talking.

A man performs a ritual at a covered bridge that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl. The ritual involves covering his car with flour and parking it on the bridge. A discovery he makes prompts him to get an electronic spirit box and return to see what he finds.

Posted by TikTok user @seandreww, check out the below video to find out what the creepy discovery is.


"A spirit box (also commonly referred to as ghost boxes) is the catch-all term for a machine that is meant to pick up the verbal communications of spirits," writes Paranormal Authority. "Most of these are created from handheld AM/FM radios by disabling the part of the radio that stops when you hit a particular frequency. As a result, the radio will continually jump from one station to another, often bouncing through three or four frequencies in under a second. Spirit Boxes are most commonly paired with an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Recorder, so that researchers can replay and piece together the responses from spirits after having asked them questions."

"You got a little scared," writes commenter @ulvasha_pg13.

"You should walk in it and check," says @djole.rblx_fan.

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Viewer of the video @bens_left_ear remarks, "I would faint if I was you."

"Who remembers this place from 'Tom Sawyer,'" asks @sld_rosie.

"Wait," writes @jamesgagipre. "Isn't Edna a little girl? Then why is the laughter like an old man?

"Open the window," suggests @itz_nova_official. "She can't hear you."

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