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These Parents Downgraded Their Son From iPhone To A Flip Phone, And Other Parents Are Cracking Up

We guess this is what you get for acting out in this TikToker's house: a serious phone downgrade.

In an era of high technology everywhere, kids expect to be part of that party as well, but do they always deserve to be?

That’s the question raised by this video posted to TikTok in which two parents share that they’re downgrading their kid from a shiny iPhone to … a flip phone.

Just wait until the end to see how crazy the dad looks over this news.


Posted by a TikToker known as Marie Gilmore, the two parents seem somewhat giddy to play this little turn of the tables on their son. The father’s reaction at the end of the video says it all.

However, the parents don’t really give any context as to why this is being done, not that too much detail should be shared in the first place. It just seems a bit strange. At any rate, the fellow parents of TikTok are loving it.

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“I’d be like ‘let me introduce you to T9,’” one commenter joked, referencing the old flip phone style of sending text messages.

“Teachers everywhere thank you,” another commenter said.

“DADS FACE AT THE END!!!!! OMG I CANTTTT,” a viewer belted out on their keyboard.

Despite the cacophony of praise and laughs the couple are getting, many have stood up to question the parents airing this out online. Frankly, we’re inclined to agree there, but is there much harm in a good laugh? Just use social media wisely, parents.

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