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Every Single Pediatrician's Office Should Have This Awesome Waiting Room Game

This pediatrician's office has an awesome game that digitizes drawings and sends them into a digital fish tank.

Every parent knows the potential misery of the pediatrician waiting room, so this office had a brilliant (and probably expensive) idea.

They installed a photo scanner and a PC on the front desk, connected it with a series of monitors, and created a digital fish tank.

Just wait until you see what the photo scanner is for, and how the digital fish tank is populated with cartoon fish.


Posted by a Utah-based TikToker known as Mrs. J, the video shows how the whole thing works, and it’s pretty magical.

It’s unclear exactly what the device or product is, but it must be intended for commercial use at any rate. The viewers are basically in love with the thing, and wish their kids’ pediatricians had this too.

“10000x better than a real fish tank,” one viewer said, which is debatable honestly.

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“Can we get these in adult offices please!?!?” another viewer jokingly begged.

To which Mrs. J replied, “I’d be a lot happier waiting an extra 45 minutes in the waiting room if I had this.”

“When I was a kid, doc's only had those metal wires with blocks attached,” another viewer lamented, and we feel that one deep.

In our youth, we were lucky to get a TV playing the same Disney movie on cassette over and over. So, just be grateful, you little gremlins.

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