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Video of Adorable Cat Expertly Playing Video Game Warms People's Hearts

"My cat is the next best Proseka player," writes the creator of the video.

A charming cat is happy to show off his gaming skills and his owners are more than glad to oblige him. He's playing Proseka, and he seems to have it down, registering consistently with "Perfect" and "Great" scoring during the game. The cat is adorable, the owner is proud and the video is just plain fun to watch.


Posted to TikTok by user @anshiraishimylove, commenters are understandably loving this short, little uplifting video clip.

"This is so cute, OMG!" writes commenter @tearsofmc.

To which the creator of the video replies, "Jaanu approves of this comment."

"OMG, he's better than me," says @wow22120.

"He's better than me, too," writes @anshiraishimylove.

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"He forgot he was a cat for a second there," surmises @jbabefromtheblock15. "It's giving secret life of pets."

"He's such a pro!" announces @ranpocomfort.

"I love your cat!" exclaims @_b.xba.tea_.

"I wish my cat was like that," writes @yourmom_supremancy.

Well, like kids, not all cats can be good at all the same things. This one will, for the moment at least, be the feline king of Proseka.

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