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Video: 'Talking Dog' Expresses Feelings and Needs In Words To Owner and People Are Amazed

"I teach words all the time without buttons," writes the video creator. "She knows plenty of words I haven’t added to her board yet. You can start without buttons!"

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Most of us are familiar with the fact that our dogs can figure out specific words we speak around them. Possibly the most common is example is "walk." Dogs seem to understand this word to such an extent that many people end up spelling it so they don't understand. 

Taking this a step further, it's becoming increasingly common for dog owners to place buttons on small boards on a floor of a room in their houses, and these buttons say simple words. Some dogs can figure out how to ask for very specific things, like expressing that they are mad or that they need help with something. 

Posted by TikTok user @pipermad, the video below shows a dog that has this game mastered all the way to explaining what specific thing it is that the canine desires. Watch it and see for yourself what this dog is literally asking about.


"This is kinda sad knowing dogs understand us but cannot verbalize their feelings to us," writes @gailcl4.

User @nickkyray is impressed. "Whoever invented this for dogs deserves so much," she says.

"I started this journey with 3 cheap answer buzzers and no boards," writes @pipermad, the creator of the video. "Just placed buttons by the door. Some people make their own boards!"

"I used to think this was cool but now I realize it would just be a new way for my dog to argue with me," says @uncleryeguy warily.

Viewer of the video @glamoire has an observation: "This dog has object permanence," she explains. "Knows the toy still exists even when it’s out of sight. Incredible."

Reader @topcommentperson wraps it all up, saying simply, "This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen."

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