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Watch Gamer Dog's Hilarious Reaction When His Owner Turns Off His Video Game

The dog seems to be none too pleased with the sudden interruption.

A dog is minding his own canine business, doing what normal dogs do. Yes, you guessed it: playing video games on the computer. This dog is really into it, frantically pounding at the keys like a puppy possessed. That's when his owner decides to do something truly underhanded. He simply turns off the computer in the middle of the action. Check out the how the dog hysterically reacts in the video below.


The clip, uploaded to TikTok by user @puppyfamily87, understandably elicits some comments by viewers.

"Let him play!" exclaims commenter @tango5y.

User @amorchargui points out how funny it was, "the way he looked at his owner."

"His dog has been watching him playing on that keyboard since he was a puppy," guesses @official_greatdaine.

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Viewer of the video @iamtruthkjv80 expresses an uncomfortable truth for all gamers. "Some games mashing the buttons is the best strategy," he admits.

"How I play street fighter and win," agrees @kankanho. "Push random buttons."

"No way," laughs @jamesduguid2 in disbelief. "Dog is a legend."

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