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Watch As Shiba Dog With 'Cone of Shame' Quickly Learns What the Orange Button Is For

"Shibas are so smart!" exclaims a viewer of the video.

An adorable Shiba adorning a 'Cone of Shame' apparently needs a bit of a pick-me-up. She's standing in front of some differently colored pet buttons, clearly in the process of learning what they are for. As she tries them out, she suddenly seems to have an idea how to get what she's really after. See what a quick study this dog is in the wonderful video below.


Uploaded to TikTok by user @cody.taurus, the clip has inspired some commenters to weigh in with their thoughts.

"She's learning quick!" announces the video creator. "A little too quick...."

"Shibas are so smart," writes @sunshinetheshiba. "She’s figured out all puzzles that I bought her."

"You literally see the moment of realization!" observes @kinkyeverafter.

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"Wait till 2 a.m. when all you hear is, 'Treats, treats, treats, treats!'" warns @sad_bag_of_flour.

"This is why I will never teach my dog to do this," writes @trolldollpbbbbbt. "I already have baby locks on the fridge, microwave and oven."

"That dog just had a brain blast when she realized!" says @its_ace30.

User @jilli617 has a really smart question. "Who's training who?" she asks.

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