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Video: Ill-Fated Man's Klutzy Phone Fail While Fishing Is Why Everyone Is Cracking Up

"Never let them know your next move," jokes a viewer of the video.

A man is enjoying a nice day in a boat on the water relaxing, having some laughs and getting some fishing in. Having caught a good sized fish, he's naturally taking a few selfies with it before releasing the aquatic animal back into the water. The unfortunate mistake he makes next is what the internet is laughing about. See for yourself in the video below.


Uploaded to TikTok by user @ladbible, this clip elicited some remarks in the comments section.

"Never let them know your next move," jokes @gymstepbro.

"Best one I've seen," writes @lanarodriguezzzz. "The dedication is a 10 out of 10."

"I would keep that fish for the rest of my life," says @ladbible.

"Me too," agrees taygee4eva. "I felt that, because I'd so be the one to do that."

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User @jasmine_copied concurs. "Definitely something I would do," she writes.

"His face!" laughs @unmitigatedmom. "As soon as he realized."

"He still has the fish," notes @b12zinc with a shade of sarcasm.

"I'm in the demolition business," proclaims @dalenova4. "Phone never leaves the car during work. I never take it out if I'm by a cliff or water. The world has seen enough pictures."

Reader @indigophayzee seems to be poking some fun at a friend. "Something that would happen to you, baby," she remarks.

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