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Scorched Planet Is a Gas Giant Whose Atmosphere Has Been Melted Away By Its Star

The planet is so close to its star that it may be melted down to its core.

The planet TOI 849 b may be the naked core of a gas giant whose atmosphere was melted by the heat of its star.

The fascinating video below, posted to TikTok by user @astro_alexandra, explains the phenomenon. A NASA Web site says the planet has "an estimated surface temperature of nearly 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. It's a scorcher even compared to Venus, which is 880 degrees Fahrenheit."


"Wait… Venus is hotter than Mercury?" asks commenter @csblnk.

User @bradybeingsocial writes to the video poster, "Your videos are always so informative. Your passion and enthusiasm is so infectious. You make a planet 700 LY away feel approachable."

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"You made me realize that space is really cool," admires @._.pastalover.

NASA explains further that "though about the size of Neptune, the planet appears to have little or no atmosphere. Scientists aren't sure why, but the possibilities include photoevaporation – the stripping away of a planet's atmosphere by intense radiation from its star."

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