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Playing Cards Act Like Dominoes In This Astonishing Performance and People Cheer

"Best one I've ever seen!" exclaims a viewer awed by the engineering accomplishment.

A man meticulously sets up a marvelous display of playing cards, each standing on end, in the manner one might set up dominos to collapse on each other. But this display is as spectacular, meticulous and complex as you could imagine. 

Posted by TikTok user @meow.yt98, watch the video below for your visual treat of the day.


"Now who is going to clean that up?" asks @johnblack9632.

"Imagine his phone is dead while filming this," suggests @yohannesdemise315.

User @pjhinderlider1999 proclaims, "What a great feat of patience and then a successful experience!"

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"Your skills in physics and geometry are wasted here," remarks @martor2021. "Entertaining, though!"

"I'm sorry, what just happened?" asks @hebarrrrrr. "My whole life just flashed before my eyes."

"This is how I want to be proposed to," says @poeticjusticexoxo with a hint to someone.

"Cool," notes @as_hateful_as_possible. "Now pick them up before Mom gets home."

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