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Pluto Video: The Once-Planet Gets Internet Love And Is Filled With Fascinating Trivia

"Pluto completes me," says a user with a romantic flair.

Pluto has endured a lot of controversy over the years, having once been declared a planet and then somehow demoted from planet status. But as we find out, there is no loss of compassion for our outer solar system friend. 

We visit some great things to know here in a wonderful video. TikTok poster @thegalacticgal shares this gem for Pluto lovers.


We see a lot of comments on this one. Let's explore:

"Pluto completes me," says a user with a romantic flair.

"Pluto has more class than all the other planets put together," agrees another.

And a proclamation: "Pluto is still a planet in my heart."

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"If Pluto is smaller than the moon and most of earth is water, how is one-third of Pluto able to cover all the water? Am I trippin'?" asks a viewer of the video.

"Pluto is smaller than our moon? I thought size didn't matter," wonders a user.

And here's an observation: "Pluto was classified as a planet for less time than it takes for it to orbit the sun."

As it turns out, Pluto gets a lot of love. We're happy about that.

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