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Man Shows Remote Workers How to Travel Without Their Boss Finding Out

This is a pretty cool gadget.

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There's no better joy to working remotely than getting to travel to where ever you like and working from all around the world. Unfortunately, many employers are against it, and even make rules that discourage their employees from traveling while they work. But some people know how to work around this rule.

TikTok user @afksosa posted a video talking about a device remote workers can use to make sure their bosses won't find out that they're traveling while working. And it's honestly pretty cool.

The device shown in the video is called the GL iNet Slate router. It's a portable router that creates a VPN network that hides your IP address so your employer will never find out you're not working from your home. The best part is that it only costs $130, which is well worth it when you think about the payoff.

Viewers were amazed by this hack. "GENIUS!" TikTok user @kiki20212021 in the comments section. "I got fired. Went to Cancun. Wish I knew bout this," @jt321909 said. "You saved my life. Thank you," @deedee0770 said.

It really is a great hack. All you need is to adjust to working American hours while you're abroad. It's worth it because life is too short to let anything hold you back from seeing the world, even your job.