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Product Designer Calls Out Unfair Disparity in Hiring

This is sad yet so true.

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With people losing their jobs by the thousands across many sectors, and the instability of work created by the pandemic ending, the job market is starting to tighten. Workers are having to update their resumes and engage on other platforms to find their next opportunity and keep ahead of the potential recession tsunami. For some, this can mean stepping out of their comfort zones for the next role, changing fields, or trying a new position in their current industry. 

While there are some new challenges associated with finding a new job during an economic downturn, there are still some old ones facing job seekers that have nothing to do with business needs. Even with all the progress we've made over the past decade for workers and marginalized communities, there are still some hiring biases in effect. TikTok user @designalily shows us that companies continue to under-evaluate some applicants. 

This video is really disheartening for many who try to apply for higher-level positions that offer more money and new skills to improve their careers. This mentality that women need to choose between the corporate ladder and starting a family hurts everyone and is preventing businesses from finding new leaders who can help innovate and improve operations. 

Commenters to this video shared their struggles and suggestions. "Explains why my dad always insisted I should just apply to jobs then not understand why I didn't get interviews," remarked madilyn. Brenna suggested, "It needs to become normal practice for employers to not see names on applications. It would really avoid racial & sexist stereotyping." "I have been screaming this for years!! Same with the 'you have to ask for raises.' Bull," lamented AshJam.