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Man's Blunt Description of the Reality of the iPhone Is Sad but True

He pretty much said what we're all thinking.

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The sides in the cell phone wars have been forged over the years in arguments over user experience, features, and overall superiority. At some levels, it is class warfare personified due to unit price differences, while other confrontations center around personal preferences and familiarity. Most users stay in the system and brand they use for years on end, working around any undesirable features, avoiding certain apps, and just making things work if the situation is not ideal, rather than change from iPhone to Android or vice versa. 

While iPhone users show loyalty to their devices, even they will acknowledge that there are issues with using the popular Apple item. Yes, some iPhone users actually talk to people who do not use them, and there can be problems with attempting to do this. TikTok user @imparkerburton describes the struggle bus many ride with their iPhones. 

This is an interesting critique of the iPhone that I have never before heard but I can certainly understand that frustration. My partner has an iPhone, I do not, and we have only used third-party video messenger apps when we want to communicate that way. I know that iPhone's chat systems have great features with other iPhone users, yet I too am puzzled that cannot be extended to other phone systems. 

Commenters felt this roast in their bones. "As a Samsung user I knew exactly what phone you were talking about because that's all iPhone ever says," noted L.M. Bence complimented, "This was the perfect build up my man." "bro airdropped the news," claimed george.