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Man's Joke About Requesting Time Off After the Holidays Is Spot-On

We're all feeling the same day.

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That week between Christmas and New Year is a rough time to work, but that period after the holidays might just take us all the way out.

After the time spent on vacation without loved ones relaxing and not thinking about work, logging back onto your workspace is such a drag. Some of us even forget what we were hired to do. All we want is to go back to the time of bliss we had while on break.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, TikTok creator Andres Romero (@jaromero88) explains it perfectly.

This is such a mood! So many of us are tempted to request days off despite just coming back from a holiday break. But hey, we could really use it.

The comments under this video are hilarious and relatable. "And with a fresh bank of PTO," @2hyped001 said. "This was me this morning 😂 I wasted no time," @obsessedtreats said. "I'll do it while I'm still vacationing. No shame over here," @jaelo44 admitted. "This is me even tho I work 4 days a week 😂 IDC," @taccaratamarra said.

Even the luxury designer brand @coach couldn't help but comment. "They should be grateful you at least got a good 5 minutes in," it said.

It really be like that. We hope everyone going back to work this week has a steady transition and an endless pot of PTO.