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Restored Video Footage of New York City in 1902 Is Pretty Incredible

The hustle and bustle of NYC has always been there.

It's fun to look back at old photos or movies and see what life was like 100 years ago or more. With all that has changed over the decades, it sometimes feels farther back in time than it actually is. While much has changed from fashion to transportation, those people likely had many similar experiences, dreams, and concerns as we have today. 

Getting a chance to glimpse into the past is a special treat, although it's mostly through black-and-white footage. However, there have been some incredible advancements in technology that allows us to add color to these old pictures and videos. TikTok user @historycolored posted an incredible look at New York City around the start of the 20th century. 

It's hard to discern exactly where that footage is on "Lower Broadway" (like anyone knows the boundaries of Manhattan neighborhoods today either). However, look how busy those streets are with pedestrians, horse-drawn carriages, and streetcars! While it may be tricky to get around New York now with all the cars and buses, at least you can cross the streets without worrying about stepping in horse manure. 

The comments to this video show a variety of reactions, ranging emotionally but all appearing to be genuine. Gina Marie Williams remarked, "Really makes you think. How different it is from today! What if we could go back for a day?" "Why do I love these videos so much Happy and sad at the same time .... amazing ty," responded Michelle Williams. prettylittleme mentioned, "No streets lights, just the kind gestures of patience and respect."

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