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This Robot Vacuum-Mop Combo Gives Even The Best Roomba A Run For Its Money

Roborock recently released a robot vacuum and mop in one, and it looks like an even better Roomba.

The Roomba brand has become synonymous with robot vacuums, but a worthy opponent has arrived on the scene.

This is the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, a robot vacuum cleaner with a built-in mopping system as well.

However, just wait until you see exactly how automated this robot cleaner is.


Posted by Kyle Krueger on TikTok, this Roborock Ultra not only has both a vacuum and mop, but it can clean and fill itself automatically.

This relies on the user keeping a steady supply of water, cleaning solution, and vacuum bags, but that’s much better than having to manually set it up for each function every time you want it to clean.

Just keep in mind that this all-in-one machine costs $1,400 — fully automated floor cleaning has its price.

Here’s how the viewers are liking it.

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“I swear in like 2 years we will have stair climbing robots with infinite battery life,” one viewer predicted, probably too bullishly.

“This isn't just good for lazy people,” another viewer commented, “it would be amazing for chronic pain or chronic fatigue.”

Another viewer joked, “Plot twist! It costs the small price of a country!”

And finally, a viewer who swears by the thing: “I have the current version and I'm telling you it’s WORTH IT. Throw. Your. Roomba. Away.”

OK, so maybe the equivalent of a month’s mortgage isn’t that poor of an investment.

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