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Businesses Are Now Using Robot Dogs To Guard Their Properties, And It's Unsettling

Now that companies are using robot dogs to guard their properties, we're about to be watched a lot more often.

It’s well known by this point that we live in a surveillance state, but this is a whole new level of monitoring and security.

Now, companies are buying robotic surveillance dogs from Boston Dynamics, and using them to patrol their properties.

Just look at how apprehensively this robot dog approaches this delivery driver.


Posted by a TikToker known as DJ BillGates, the video shows the unsettlingly militant nature of these surveillance robots.

The robot dog approaches the driver’s vehicle in a strafing sort of gait, looking as if it’s getting a long read on who and what it is seeing. What kind of data is it processing about what it’s seeing? We’ll likely never know.

So, how are the viewers reacting?

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“No, just no,” one viewer simply stated.

“Good CGI,” another view incorrectly said.

It’s OK, we don’t want to believe it’s real either.

Another commenter sagely said, “We are living in a black mirror episode now.”

Despite one or two strange fellows that want to take this thing home as a pet, most every viewer is rightfully … wary of this development.

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