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Robot Dribbles and Shoots a Basketball In Video And People Are Calling It Creepy

The discussion involves some hilarious mocking of the robot's dribbling skills.

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A robot rolls out onto a basketball court, picks up a ball and dribbles a bit, and then shoots. The effort gets some reaction on the Internet, with some calling it creepy and others, shall we say, not exactly impressed with its ball-handling artistry. That said, we understand the engineering involved is remarkable.

Judge for yourself and see if it makes the shot in this video posted by TikTok user @snoopywidyou.


"Anyone else think this is kinda creepy?" asks the video poster.

"He's traveling," writes @litowep.

"I do think this is creepy!" says @lindagarrett697.

User @xxlatin wonders, "Why they chose that color scheme?"

"I think Gilligan and the Skipper can take them," writes @xfitforever.

"Yeah, that's really scary," observes @sourkid1029.

Reader @dannyphantom983 takes a contrary opinion: "Not creepy," he says. "That’s what y’all watch on TV with editing."

In December 2021, this robot appeared at the Tokyo Olympics and some comments then on social media had a little fun with the robot's dribbling skills. "Who had the audacity to show this off?" wrote Twitter user @baldthor69. "Get back in the lab."

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