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Robotic Dog Spotted in California Is the Wave of the Future

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Dogs are man's best friend, as the expression goes. Well, it looks like man's best friend is going to be getting a whole lot more (technologically) advanced in the near future. 

As a video from TikTok user @the_ugly_trucker___ shows...(We've seen a glimpse of the future, and it's pretty wild.)  

Well that's certainly something you don't see every day (yet.) We're not too sure that's the kind of canine we'd like to cuddle with or have licking our faces in the morning. Here's what the internet had to say about this very peculiar, futuristic, pup. 

Some people were wondering exactly how much this robotic dog actually acts like a regular dog. TikTok user @Brittanysmith asked, "What happens if it sees a robot cat?" (A very good question. And on that note, wouldn't a video of a robot dog chasing a robot cat be pretty great? That would certainly be a viral video if we've ever seen one, and we've seen them all!)

Continuing this train of thought about how much do robot dogs act like real dogs, was TikTok user @JohnnyReb who commented, "If you shine a laser pointer on the ground, will it chase it?" (We love it when pets do stuff like that.) 

While some were more cautious about the idea of cyborg canines, like TikTok user @user9485932670583 who wrote, "I love technology but I don't trust those damn things for a split second." (Yeah, that dog ain't exactly cute or cuddly.) 

One particularly humorous comment came from user @mrsteel933 who wrote, "It will be a sight when it goes into heat." (It certainly would be. But we don't want that thing humping our legs, so we'll pass on being around for that one.)

What do you think? Is that a dog you want to play fetch with?