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Hotel Guest Puzzled As Robot Delivers Room Service and Something Strange Happens

For a while, things were going smoothly.

A man staying in a hotel orders some Taco Bell and it is soon delivered by a robot. The guest grabs the food, the robot indicates it is leaving, and then the man is greatly confused by what happens next. 

Posted by TikTok user @davidwma, the video below shows what that is and the hotel guest's reaction.


"It's waiting for cash, bro," writes commenter @nopnotchgang.

"The poor baby got stuck," says @popcorn_antics1. "Pathfinding algorithm probably glitched and failed. That carpet would definitely throw it off every once in a while if it's built to detect obstacles."

"It wants to Netflix and chill with you and some Taco Bell!" surmises @sidney.neilson. "Maybe it was lonely or hungry." To which the creator of the video replies, "Aren't we all?"

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"You hurt his feelings," says @sidney.neilson. "Didn't say thank you or anything."

"I wouldn't try tipping it," jokes @gregzarkodimos. "It could fall over. Maybe a gentle push."

"Hahahaha! I want him to be my friend," laughs @darapollak.

Viewer of the video @jacobrosstech writes, "It wanted to hang out with you."

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