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Rolex Watch Soaked In Mud Undergoes Awesome Transformation In Attempt To Recover Perfection

"Absolutely amazing work!" writes a viewer of the video. "Thank you for sharing."

A classically magnificent Rolex watch appears to be completely trashed. Its insides and outsides are soaked in mud and grime and it appears to be a lost artifact destined to disappear into one of the trash bins of history. But one meticulous silversmith is not going to let that happen. Watch the amazing spectacle of his handiwork below.


The clip, made available to the world by @boutique.watch13, provides the foundation for some Internet chatter.

"Absolutely amazing work!" writes viewer of the video @michael365247. "Thank you for sharing."

"Wow, very nice!" exclaims @tish1219.

User @anatatysisk agrees. "Superb!" she says.

"He had to buy a few new parts to make it work properly but that’s great work!" acknowledges @edriveraspeaks.

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"That's a beautiful change," notes @xplics.

Reader @nasni051972 seems inspired. "I want to learn how to do this," he remarks.

"How do you keep up with every tiny part?" asks @183520m. "I guess that is art...."

"It truly is amazing how precise at their craft they are," admires @arthurkoppafiel. "Very satisfying to watch!"

Video watcher @_lebron_goat_ sums it all up like this: "That’s so good it almost doesn’t seem real," he surmises.

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