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Rollercoaster Test Reveals a Flaw And Viewers Of the Video React

"Looks good to me," writes a commenter. "My ex wants a ride now."

A rollercoaster is being tested with dummies or life-sized dolls instead of human passengers. Presumably, the test is to identify defects in the coaster, whether it be for records on what happens when a subject is super thin, or too big, or perhaps when one's seatbelt is not fastened. The video below shows one flaw and readers have some thoughts about it.


Posted to TikTok by user @b3n_f_, the clip elicits some opinions in the comments section.

"This is why they are tested before real people go on them," says enthusiast @prairiegeologist. "Rollercoasters are the best."

"Looks good to me," writes commenter @yotatundra. "My ex wants a ride now."

"I have a couple ex-friends that would like to ride now, too," agrees @vampiric_kitten.

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"Those dolls are basically weightless, which affects the gravity on it," explains @brewington531. "Not because the rollercoaster was improperly built."

User @trevorshelton9 agrees. "Dawg, this is why they have testing," he says. "Why are people tripping?"

"That rollercoaster is perfectly safe," surmises @blandpizza. "The doll clearly jumped."

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