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Scientists Now Say Pluto Has Massive Volcanoes and They Might Spew What?

Astronomers suggest these extraterrestrial volcanoes may have erupted relatively recently.

Recent observations of the dwarf planet Pluto reveal that there appears to be evidence of volcanic activity in one of its regions.

The mountains were first seen in images taken from New Horizons, the NASA spacecraft, about seven years ago. Astronomers now suggest there appears to be evidence that these mountain peaks are in fact relatively recently active volcanoes.

To explain exactly what's going on here, we have a video from OrbitFab's Camille Calibeo, who on TikTok is known as @thegalacticgal.


This evidence points to the possibility of a subterranean body of water on Pluto. "We tried to find some other way to explain it, but we just really couldn’t," said Kelsi Singer, a senior research scientist at the Southwest Research Institute, in the New York Times.

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This is all pretty fascinating for astronomers and others interested in space and particularly the planets in our solar system. It turns out there may be more heat in Pluto's interior than was thought. The idea of water beneath the surface of Pluto gives some, albeit minimal, credence to the possibility of some form of life potentially present there.

As Smithsonian Magazine puts it, "The possibility of a liquid ocean beneath Pluto’s surface increases the chance of life existing on the dwarf planet from none, to slim."

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