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Few Can Comprehend All 9 of This Video's Science Facts Without Hitting Pause—Can You?

See if you are up to the challenge.

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This video contains 9 facts about different aspects of science. They are fun bits of information, each worth contemplating on their own. But taken together in rapid succession, they can be a lot to absorb.

In this 53-second TikTok video posted by @askthereddit, your challenge is to grasp the basic meaning behind each of these statements without hitting pause. If you can do it, great. If you feel like going back and re-absorbing any of them, please do. This is obviously just for fun.


How did you do? These facts are fun and we think it's a great brain exercise. The video viewer gets hit quickly and repeatedly with complex but interesting facts that have no relation to one another so your grey matter has to be on high alert for anything coming its way.

Commenter @zachary.bachary confesses, "I had to pause after every fact to think about it lol."

Note: We think the question about understanding these items without hitting pause was originally posed by commenter @d1234567891011122. We appreciate the creativity.

We'll do more of these, so check back for fun facts and other items such as these listed below.

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