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A 525-Foot Ceiling! A Look Inside the Massive Building Where NASA Builds Rockets Is Stunning

It's the only facility where assembly of a rocket occurred that carried humans beyond low-Earth orbit and on to the Moon.

The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida serves as the central hub of NASA’s premier multi-user spaceport, and is capable of hosting several different kinds of rockets and spacecraft at the same time. Whether the rockets and spacecraft are going into Earth orbit or being sent into deep space, the VAB has the infrastructure to prepare them for their missions.

Inside the largest single-story building in the world by volume is TikTok user @todayinspace who gives us a look up at the 525-foot high ceiling that you don't want to miss.


Very cool. Here are some facts from NASA about the building:

  • One of the largest buildings in the world by area, the VAB covers eight acres, is 525 feet tall and 518 feet wide.
  • The VAB high bay doors are the largest in the world at 456 feet high and take about 45 minutes to completely open or close.
  • The building is home to the largest American flag, a 209-foot-tall, 110-foot-wide star spangled banner painted on the side of the VAB.
  • It is made up of 65,000 cubic yards of concrete and its frame is constructed from 98,590 tons of steel. It stands atop a support base of 4,225 steel pilings driven 164 feet into bedrock.
  • The VAB was painted in 2007, when the repairs were completed after the 2004 Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne tore 845 panels off the building.
  • The flag originally was painted onto the VAB in 1976 for the Bicentennial Exposition on Space and Technology.
  • It will take more than 500 gallons of paint to repaint the American flag, and the NASA meatball, which measures 110 feet tall by 132 feet wide. 
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