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'We Are NASA' Video Gives Space Enthusiasts Chills

NASA explores its history and vision for the future and shares it with the public.

NASA has produced a phenomenal video that is part a look at its past and another part a look toward the future. The future, after all, is a driving force behind NASA's vision.

Here's the video posted on Reddit by tango_delta_nominal/ who says he watches it repeatedly because "It never gets old." Watch and see what you think.


We're reminded of this statement on its Website: "NASA studies Earth, including its climate, our Sun, and our solar system and beyond. We conduct research, testing, and development to advance aeronautics, including electric propulsion and supersonic flight. We develop and fund space technologies that will enable future exploration and benefit life on Earth."

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We imagine among the Earth and the solar system is research on the Moon as well. 

We hope you enjoy the video and share it with others if you are so inclined. And of course, we'll stay on top of developments at NASA, including videos, and continue to post them here. 

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