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Video: Thief Trying Shameless Storefront Robbery Thwarted By Brave Employee And Viewers React

A security camera catches the action and, possibly, a license plate number.

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We see a man running out of a storefront carrying a large box, thanks to a security video from a camera planted in a parking lot. He is closely followed in pursuit by a store employee determined to stop the theft. He vigorously but calmly manages to thwart the robbery. Check out how he does it in the video below.


Uploaded to TikTok by user @hottytoddy58, the video has generated some reaction from viewers in the comments.

"And five police officers next block over are harassing kids on a skateboard," surmises commenter @peterose54.

"The employee probably got fired for that, too," suggests @nobodysfool1992.

User @tiffanitis agrees, and adds an explanation. "Because if he’s not security then he’s not allowed to chase down a person out of the store," she explains.

"He should get to keep it, since it got taken out of the store," says @wavyfolio. "Parting gift."

"I'm that employee that just watches them steal cause I'm not paid enough to care about a big corporation losing money," admits @gonzino.

User @madpennfoodchannel sums up the incident this way. "I don't think the thief thought this through," he writes.

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