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Video: Woman Tries To Steal Packages From Porch, Karma Strikes As She Falls and Breaks Leg During Attempt

Some viewers believe justice was served.

A woman is seen on a security camera briskly walking up to a porch. It immediately becomes apparent that the task she has in mind is to steal a couple of packages and take off. She thwarts her own burglary mission, however, as on the way out she falls and breaks apparently breaks a leg. Some viewers seem satisfied with the karma. Check out how it all goes down in the video below.


Uploaded to TikTok by user @acfishingofficial, the video has encouraged a number of comments from users.

"Sue the homeowner for not having a safe walkway back to your getaway vehicle!" writes @blowingsmokecoe sarcastically.

"These kind of videos just fill my heart full of joy and happiness," says @shakyjake56.

User @user17572101 says, "Karma's a beautiful thing."

"I would take my package and go in the house like I didn't see her," remarks @nautas_goddess.

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"She got 58 days in jail," reports @mzlovepiink, although we are unable to verify this. "They say she was homeless with three kids, but only her and the guy was found at a motel."

"And the doctor says how did this happen?" surmises @ambermarie8876, imagining a scenario. "Well, I was stealing a package."

"I’d have let out the loudest, most menacing laugh over the camera while she sat there in agony," says a revenge-minded @yeerrrrllllll.

"All she could do at this point is confess, apologize and then ask for help," suggests @jjjmac2003.

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