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Video Goes Viral As Dallas Woman Is Caught Deceitfully Stealing Package From Doorstep

It looks as if she's pretending to be on the phone as she engages in her nefarious plan.

A woman is seen in Dallas, Texas home security camera footage nonchalantly opening a gate, entering a private space and snagging a package from a home's doorstep. She appears to be acting as if she's going about a regular person's normal business while committing this selfish crime. 


TikTok reporter @crimeoncamera sets up the discussion by posting the video clip.

"What’s so bad is people have medicine shipped to their homes," notes commenter @gijaxx.

"Caught?" asks @viewingforafriend. "Or watched?"

"Lot of money," observes @ladyofargonne, "for a gate with no latch."

User @lindadigges has a question of her own. "Do these thieves ever get caught and arrested?"

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"Shhhh, be very quiet!" writes @kalaborden as she imagines what the woman is thinking at the time. "They're going to see me...."

Viewer of the video @mpettty55 offers a devious plan of her own. "I would put cat turds in a box and leave it outside," she proposes.

"LMAO," writes @lovinlifenana1. "She's pretending to be on the phone."

"She's lucky she wasn't shot!" exclaims @lovinlifenana1. "People in Texas, Tennessee and Florida don't play!"

Well, we're not sure this rises to the level of a capital offense, but it certainly is discouraging. This practice is a crime and deserves to be prosecuted if authorities can figure out who the culprit is.

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