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See What It's Like To Live The High Life As A Security Engineer

Working as a security engineer apparently has its major perks.

For anyone looking to prepare for their career out of school or are looking for a new career entirely, seriously consider security engineering.

The security engineer who posted this not-so humblebrag of a video lives in Dallas, Texas, and he’s rocking amenities and other niceties that are mighty pricey no matter where you live. Just get a look at the dude’s serious whip game (we mean his car).


From the start of this video, we can tell that TikToker Tayvion “TayOnTech” Payton is living out quite a life for himself. His living space is clearly high-end, including his work desk and setup.

We then get a look at TayOnTech’s mighty chariot, and electric Porsche complete with a decked-out digital dashboard system. The dashboard seems to be even customized exclusively for Payton, with the initial logo reading “TayCar” as the car starts up.

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Payton even drops the subtle brag that he’s sipping on a margarita while working to let off a little stress. We’ll be honest: after seeing this, it’s going to be tough to stomach any future videos of him complaining about much of anything.

Finally, in the comments, Payton revealed himself to be just 26 years old … with a Porsche. With most of us in our 30s and beyond, we clearly haven’t done something right.

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