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See Amazing Drone Footage of Yellowstone Floods That Forced 10,000 Evacuations

Roadways might have to be built in new places.

This drone footage shows the Yellowstone National Park flood where dangerous mudslides have destroyed homes and bridges. Local communities are without power and 10,000 tourists were forced to evacuate.

"The historic floodwaters pushed a popular fishing river off course – possibly permanently – and may force roadways to be rebuilt in new places," reports TikTok user @usatoday. Take a look in this video.


Some viewers of the video ignore the misfortune of the property damage and take in the beauty of the park.

"So beautiful," a commenter writes.

"Beautiful," agrees another.

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"Fine tourist center," writes a video watcher.

Another simply says, "Pray for peace."

This user discusses the environmental impact of the flooding. "With the hotter summers, this is not terrible," he writes. "The water will seep under the site and add to the water underneath to keep Yellowstone cool."

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