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See Dog's Hilariously Focused Reaction Watching Other Dogs On Laptop Screen

This collection of clips seems to have his full attention.

This dog's intensely honed-in posture and total concentration on a laptop screen is priceless to watch. 

Check it out in this video shared by TikTok user @missjackson464.


So dogs do indeed watch computer screens and television sets. The site explains it like this:

"Now that dogs can actually watch TV as it’s meant to be watched, there’s no reason they can’t enjoy what they see. Research has found dogs are capable of identifying objects and shapes, and they can tell when a dog is on screen versus a person. Their attention is especially spiked if the image is accompanied by sound."

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We're guessing that if you are a dog owner, you've probably seen and had a laugh at this sort of behavior from time to time yourself.

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