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See Stunning Way Excision Fans' Cell Phones React To Majestic Laser Show At Concert

"Probably the wildest laser show we've produced," writes the creator of the video.

A spectacular laser show at an Excision concert triggers fans to record it with their phones, and the effect from the camera angle in this clip is amazing.

Check it out in this video uploaded by TikTok user @nicelasers.


"I love how everyone's phones also became light projectors," a user says. "Insane."

"I got Lasik just by watching this," another writes. Imagine being there."

One viewer of the video surmises, "I would lose my freaking mind."

"I think the cool thing is that everyone's phones are delayed while recording, so its two lightshows in one," observes a user. "On the ground and in the air."

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"Excision shows are unmatched," declares a video watcher.

"Right, that show was insane," says a commenter.

A user weighs in with some personal experience. "Excision's new production is insane, gets better everytime I see him."

And finally, a commenter posts this with a sense of humor: "I can feel the lasers smoothing out the wrinkles in my brain and i love it."

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