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See What Happens In Zoomed-In Video, Filmed With Macro Lens, Of Things Being Cut

Cutting objects under a macro lens turns out to be pretty cool.

A macro lens allows a photographer to focus on objects from a very close range. This enables photograph and video viewers to see miniscule details, which often times produces outstanding results.

Check out what these examples look like in this video posted by TikTok user @tech.


"This is cool," says a commenter.

"Wow!" exclaims another.

"I want this lens with the camera," comments a photographer with a particular interest in this.

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"Where can I buy this?" asks a viewer of the video, expressing a personal passion as well.

One is a fan of videos like this and writes, "We need more of this stuff."

A viewer of the video clip asks, "Why does the wood look juicy?"

We think the video is well done. The macro lens reveals so much detail that we don't know is there until we get a chance to view it like this, so we're grateful the user decided to share it. Cool stuff.

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