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Shipping Collision: Video of River Mishap Has People Talking

With all the technology in modern seafaring, it's hard to understand how this could happen.

The skippers and crewmembers on these ships are going to have to answer for what events led to this collision in the narrow but open water.

You'll have to watch this TikTok video posted by user @failarmy to see what occurred.


One commenter notes this might be "How 2 whole crews get fired."

"Somebody is gonna get fired," agrees another.

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"Somebody sleeping at the wheel?" wonders a viewer of the video.

One user surmises, "Whole crew was watching tiktoks, like we do now." 

We don't know precisely what went wrong here or who is to blame, but we thought we would show the video for awareness. We assume there must be an explanation of some kind.

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