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Simple PTO Hack Gives People 62 Days of Vacation

You can reap the benefits if you play your cards right.

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Everyone wants to be able to go on vacation, have a wonderful time, and come back refreshed and making everyone they know jealous. There are plenty of ways to maximize the time and effort expended while on a trip to a distant location, to justify all the money and energy invested in this endeavor. As nice as it is to get away from everything for a while, recently an extra layer has developed, which seemingly mandates people post stunning pictures or come back with great stories from their trips.

There is one major issue with trying to go on vacation as a working adult: getting approved for time off can be difficult. Companies often don't want to lose workers for a week or more, despite the obvious benefits of not burning out talent, and they can make it difficult to schedule those days off in advance. However, TikTok user @petersmithhq shows us a clever workaround to maximize those paid days off. 

Commenters offered some feedback to this video. "I do the exact opposite. Days around the holidays are slow at work so I like working then. I take off the days that are the busiest. That’s really when you don’t want to work," replied Mike. 1991grad noted, "employers do not approve this in the customer service industry." 

While this is a clever option to maximize days off, this certainly comes with some caveats. Most companies have policies that prevent workers from scheduling time off around holidays or the busiest seasons for their businesses.