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Woman Shares Simple Hack for Getting Out of Unnecessary Meetings

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One of the drawbacks of having to work (other than having to work) is getting called into meetings. And a lot of the time these are meetings you don't even need to be in.

If you've ever found yourself in this familiar workplace situation and wondered 'is there a way for me to get out of this?' It turns out, yes, there is.  

Check out this video posted by TikTok user @gabrielle_judge to see the simple hack that's guaranteed to work.

Don't you just love simple solutions to annoying issues? (We certainly do.) And as it turns out, the internet loves it too.

People had a good bit of fun with this one. With most of the comments being pretty funny. As TikTok user @kait jokingly posted, "I think I've taken the 'email like a man' advice a bit too hard because I just click 'decline' and let them ask 'why' if they need me LOL." This prompted user @gabrielle_judge to simply reply, "I endorse this message LOL." 

One woman had a smart suggestion about how to further fool proof the video's method. As TikTok user @ambages explained, "This is especially effective if you block off time on your calendar too so that it at least appears you have a conflict." (Nice one!)

Another TikTok user had a different suggestion about a reason to decline a meeting that no one can (or should ever) really argue with. As user @Allie suggested, "The other secret word is diarrhea." User @gabrielle_judge also approved of this suggestion, simply replying, "Bulletproof." (A simple and genius response. What's your boss going to do when you tell them that, ask for proof?)