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Futuristic Faucet Might Be the Answer to Our Hot and Cold Water Problems

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Smart devices have begun to change our lives in so many ways, maybe no more so than our in-home experiences. The ability to run appliances remotely, control lights and temperatures from a smartphone app, and keep things going without having to get off the couch provides tremendous peace of mind to so many people. As the technology continues to evolve, we expect new innovations that will provide new solutions and improve our lives. 

It is impressive to step back and consider how much capability can come from the changes provided by enhancing existing products. Some smart devices solve problems we would not think of confronting, transforming everyday household items into multi-purpose wizards. TikTok user @dannywangdesign shows us what some programming can do to a seemingly simple sink faucet. 

This may be the most amazing faucet I have ever seen, and I don't know where to begin with this. This would be perfect to have in a prep kitchen or in a full bathroom, especially on a cold morning to get hot water for a shave after a shower. I would expect this to be very popular in "luxury apartments" and might actually justify the high rents they charge. 

Those who commented brought up some interesting concerns. Olliemry repsonded, "Sparkling water is too much, but the boiling water is so useful." "u had me sold when I saw a snowflake over the water," replied JB. phantom944 asked, "WAS that last one sparkling water??? I KNOW someone who needs it."

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