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Cool Smart Glasses Provide an Incredible Viewing Experience for Users

Like a wearable entertainment system!

So much of the technology surrounding entertainment devices have focused around improving the user experience in one way or another. While TVs have gotten bigger, sharper, and smarter, there are still areas where customers want more, especially when it comes to sound quality. Many still invest in "surround sound speakers" for their home theater or entertainment setups, creating the most immersive experience possible with some formidable technology.

For those who want that immersive experience on a smaller scale, how could that be possible? As cool as those images are of folks throwing the big headphones on with their turntables or analog stereos (and those things provided tremendous sound), those systems have gone by the wayside. The next step in this evolution could be what TikTok user @kanyetech has found, bringing the personal experience to a new format.

Commenters to this video had some contrasting opinions in response. "W video. I chose the red pair. Still have to open it up lol. They seem pretty dope," replied HapaThunder|Jason. August asked, "Can u hook up Xbox and play cod [Call of Duty] on said glasses?" infertilesperm retorted, "yes but I can't justify having those on my face."

With the holidays starting, this has to be a hot gift for anyone who wants the immersive entertainment experience on a personal level. There may be some concerns about health effects for over usage, which the poster references, but they do look really impressive. Yes, they look unusual compared to traditional glasses, but they also give users more awareness than the full-coverage devices we've seen from other manufacturers. 

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