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Ever Wonder What Life Is Like In a Smart Home That Has Everything? Check Out This Pad In Korea

Getting home from work and walking in the front door is always nice. But then you're quickly reminded of the chores that are left to do. But what if you had a nifty gadget for every task?

We work a long day until we finally are able to get back home where we can take off our shoes and put our feet up. Or so we tell ourselves every day.

In reality, getting home means more things that need to be done. In an ideal world, we'd have a little help around the house. You know, someone to help with the garbage, the bathrooms, the cooking, the laundry, the ironing and any other chore that comes up.

What if that someone were a whole bunch of somethings?

We found a place in Korea that seems to have a smart gadget for everything. TikTok user @mykoreanhome shows us around.

Apparently, there isn't a household need that doesn't have a smart tool for a solution. 

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Need to charge your phone? Set it on the smart table. Need to tie the garbage bag up and insert a new one? No problem, use the smart garbage can.

If you want to make up some crab for dinner, just fill up a big bowl of water and throw in the smart heater to boil them up. While the food is being prepared, quickly wash some clothes, clean the bathroom and do some mopping. The smart gadgets have you covered.

Commenter @ameliecirillo wrote, "The thing cleaning the socks sounded like it was singing."

Some comments put the focus on the electricity bills. That's probably an important consideration here. Either way, some of these gadgets look like they serve a valuable purpose: namely, making work around the house a little easier.

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