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Man Adds Fancy LED Light Bar to His Smart Home and People Have Opinions

It's a great look, but finding the right mounting location is vital.

When you like a product and you're ready to use it, the first step is making the purchase. The next step often is figuring out exactly how you are going to use it.

In this case, the product is a mounted LED light bar. It is both functional and decorative, so the question is, where to put it?

TikTok user @b_turner50 shows us what he decides in this video that people are commenting on. You'll probably want to weigh in as well.


"Come upgrade my 500-square foot home with me," the video implores at the start.

Commenters weigh in on the options presented in the video.

"Last one for sure!" one writes. "Might be overkill but maybe get another kit and extend it so it contours the other pegboard, too."

Another commenter agrees, but has a question: "Last option. Wait, these work with homekit!!! Please explain." 

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The video poster, @b_turner50 replies, "I use something called Homebridge to adapt non-Homekit devices to work with Homekit. Will make videos on this soon. But I’d suggest looking into it." 

One video viewer has a  tip: "I feel like it needs something to obscure the power cord."

Either way, we like the creative use of LED lighting. There are many possibilities and our curiosity dictates that we explore them.

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