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Epic Video! Woman Tries To Bully Snowman And Gets What She Deserves

The engineering of this wonderful frozen piece of art exacts its revenge.

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We have no idea what this woman was thinking or why she was determined to destroy this well-designed and elegant snowman.

Security camera footage captured the moment. You have to see what happens in this TikTok video submitted by @fjerry.

"Why would anyone hate a snowman?" asks a commenter.

Another writes with a sense of satisfaction, "I fought the snowman and the snowman won. Lol."

One surmises, "And she is exactly the type of person that will blame you for her falling."

This user seems perplexed. "Just Why??? Why are people SO miserable??"

"The satisfaction of seeing her fall was epic," says a viewer of the video that feels a bit of vindication.

And another simply wonders, "Why can't we just have nice things?"

Indeed. At TurboFuture, we appreciate the engineering involved in creating this masterpiece of ice and snow. We just wish it could have proudly stood longer for passersby to enjoy.

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