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Former Software Engineer Says Tech Jobs Are A Lie, Reveals Secret About Them

A tech industry veteran explains why careers in tech are an illusion.

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A man who describes himself as someone with an extensive career in a number of different capacities as a technology worker explains to viewers that jobs in the tech industry, in his words, "are a lie." And he unveils a big secret about how software engineers get things done.

Posted by TikTok user @colethesciencedude, this video reveals what that is.


"You forgot the part where everyone on Stack Overflow degrades you for at least an hour before giving you an answer," writes viewer of the video

User @khx1id has a different point of view and appears to criticize the man in the TikTok video. "Very, very false information," he declares. "That’s if you want to wing it in life. Working in tech is constant learning and improving yourself since technologies are always evolving and/or changing. What you’re saying may be applied to any industry if you're just winging it."

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