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Can You Cry In Space? An Astronaut Demonstrates What Happens In This Tearjerker

Scientists are always studying how the human body reacts to immersion in zero gravity, which can affect bones, vision and other health conditions. But what about crying? What happens to the tears?

Traveling into space on any mission has to be a thrill. In addition to engaging one's scientific curiosity and thirst for adventure, there must be emotion involved.

So what happens when a space traveler cries in zero gravity?

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is willing to show us a little window into his soul in this TikTok video posted by @exoticmysteries. The footage apparently brings some viewers to tears themselves.

"Why did my eye just start watering?" asks commenter @chenzybisconti.

Commenter @chookedd writes, "He looks sad being alone."

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One commenter simply found the whole spectacle fascinating. "That’s so coooll!!!" @ndoata says.

"So you can definitely cry in space," Hadfield says. "But the big difference is, "Tears don't fall."

We have to agree with commenter @ojikaidamaida who observes, "'Tears don't fall'....there's a song in there somewhere."

We will keep exploring videos about life in space, including about things most of us wouldn't think to wonder. And we will post them here. Keep your eyes peeled (and dry, if you can).

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