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Deepest Universe Photo Ever Seen Is Released By NASA and People Are Blown Away

"What you are seeing here is from over 4.6 billion years ago," observes a viewer of the video.

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has just made public its first image and it's the deepest and sharpest photo of the universe ever seen.

Let's get straight to the video posted by TikTok user and space expert @thegalacticgal.


"What's impressive is that this image is astronomically further than any other image," writes commenter @austinjordan185. "What you are seeing here is over 4.6 billion years ago."

"Absolutely beautiful," says @jscorpio3.

Viewer of the video @kawtharmunson writes, "This is so mind-blowing. I've been watching you since forever and I can't believe it's finally here!"

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"Yes!! Stunning!" exclaims @t_spruck. "What a magnificent accomplishment for mankind. I don’t think most people really grasp the importance and difficulty."

"Wow," writes @real_astrophotography. "You can really see the gravitational lensing bending some of the galaxies!"

"Billions of galaxies, of which each and every one has billions, if not trillions of stars, just like our own sun," observes @shawn.farrington. "Space is unimaginably big."

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