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Video Explains How the Earth Is Spinning Faster Lately And Viewers Have Comments

In a broad context, the moon is slowing down the Earth's rotation generally, and has been for 1.4 billion years.

According to scientists, the Earth has been spinning faster lately. In fact, it's rotation was 1.59 milliseconds faster on June 29, which was measured as the shortest day recorded since the 1960s. One possible cause is that, with ice melting at the poles, the Earth is essentially becoming rounder. Like a figure skater with her arms out, it spins faster that way. Check out the video below for a fascinating look at what's going on.


Uploaded by TikTok user @astro_alexandra, the clip invites some fabulous comments. 

"I forgot I was on a massive rock spinning in space," writes commenter @cereal060.

To which user @theawarespace replies, "... whilst being pulled by the wake of the sun across the universe inside an ordinary galaxy within a supermassive cluster of galaxies."

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"Don't forget how space is in all likelihood infinite but also expanding at an ever-increasing rate," reminds @kerchunkkerplop. "Endlessness is getting endlessier."

"Why would you ever say that to me?" asks @wettortillachips. "Now I'm panicking."

Video viewer @veelol2 poses a question all her own. "Couldn't that happen on a school day?" she wonders.

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