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Man Sends Camera to 'Edge of Space' With Balloon And Captures Gorgeous Video High Above Earth

"Probably one of the craziest ideas I’ve had," writes the creator of the video.

A photographer captures some fabulous video by simply attaching cameras to a balloon and sending it up into the air. The journey is gorgeous to watch, unveiling images of Earth from what the video creator calls the "Edge of Space."

Posted by TikTok user @kazsawyer, the video below unveils the images and narrates the story.


"This is so lit!" exclaims commenter @ayh.tee.

"I love this!" agrees @cailz0.

Flat earthers: 'I'm going to pretend I didn't see that,'" writes @jay_lz96.

"What happens when it falls down and kills someone?" asks @golfcourselife.

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"Please be mindful of airplanes," pleads @dazzlingkatie.

"I'm so scared looking at it in the phone," admits reader @mcgradiator_jr. "I'm very scared of heights."

"Where do you get permission for such a project?" asks @najbaro. "I would assume it might affect air traffic and possibly military interests, no?"

"I honestly got so much anxiety watching this," says @sophh93_. "Like I was floating up there, too. But this is amazing, man. Wow."

"The effort and the amount of thought behind this! And most importantly, your passion," compliments @blueblopz.

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