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Video Shows Incredible Tour Of New Gateway at Kennedy Space Center and Viewers Want To Go

"That is awesome!" says a viewer of the video. "I've got to go there as soon as I can."

According to NASA, the new Gateway at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, gives visitors a chance to "discover the current and upcoming cutting-edge innovations of space exploration from NASA and their commercial partners. Then enter the spaceport of the future and launch aboard one of four unforgettable journeys to distant worlds on an immersive ride."

Posted to TikTok by user @thegalacticgal, here's a video tour that will either make you feel like you are there, or, more likely, that you want to go.


"Can't wait to go!" exclaims video viewer @caterpillar_raising1.

"This place is awesome!" says @d_ankerholz.

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"I'd fully cry my eyes out if I got to go there," declares @neko47meow. "You are so lucky! Thank you for bringing us with you."

"That is awesome!" says @universal_aerospace1. "I've got to go there as soon as I can."

"I need to make plans to go back to KSC soon now!" writes @aerobelle_39. "Looks amazing!"

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