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Gripping Video Demonstrates Light Speed To Explain Galactic Distances And Blows People's Minds

"Amazing!" exclaims a viewer of the 90-second video. "Truly mind-blowing."

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The general concept of light speed is readily understandable. Light travels at roughly 186,000 miles per second, and very large distances in outer space are measured by light-time, which is the amount of time it takes to cover distances traveling at the speed of light. 

This brief video, posted by @astronomical_explorers, demonstrates the concept in a truly fabulous way. It uses light years to give us some perspective on the size of our galaxy and it's relationship, in distance, to the rest of the universe. It manages to be entertaining and informative at the same time. Check it out.


"Amazing!" exclaims a viewer of the video. "Truly mind blowing."

"Then you think, 'What's beyond our galaxy, then beyond that?'" writes a commenter. "We are so insignificant in the scale of things, yet people wanna destroy each other."

"This distance wouldn't be an issue if the US found oil on another planet," suggests another.

One user seems to throw up her hands and writes: "My tiny brain can’t compute."

"So that’s further away than Russia?" quips another.

"Puts things into a calming prospective," ponders a viewer of the video. "How big can our problems really ever be when placed against this scale?"

"The vastness of space is truly phenomenal," opines a commenter. "Even lightspeed won’t do. We will need warp speed to cover the vast distances of space."

One is impressed all the way around: "I love this and I love the music with it."

This one agrees: "Mind completely blown. Well done, sir."

"This is why even if there is someone else out there, we may never find them," suggests a viewer. "The distance is just to vast!"

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